We have a nice organic, blended top-soil for sale.  This is a mixture of top soil, and aged horseDark topsoil-compost now available for gardens. manure compost.  Customers are loving this stuff for their gardens.  If you want some excellent topsoil compost for your garden this year give us a call.  We are currently running  a spring special, and offering free delivery for customers in Palmyra PA, Hershey PA, Lebanon PA, Jonestown PA, Grantville PA, and areas within a 20 mile radius.  Call now for pricing.

We offer topsoil delivery service.  We will be delivering your soil in a dump truck that can move approximately 18yards of composted soil.  If you require more, just let us know.  kick your garden or lawn into overdrive this year!  Call Ron directly at 717-497-3388 to setup your soil delivery now.