Why sealcoat your driveway, and how often?

Seal-coating your driveway is important, as it prevents surface cracking.  Once rain water starts to penetrate the cracks in the surface of your driveway, the asphalt/concrete can become brittle and start to break-up, this is especially true in the winter months when the water seeps under the surface of your pavement and then expands as the temperatures drop below freezing.

Sealing the surface of your driveway prevents cracking, prolongs the life of your driveway, and keeps your investment looking brand new for many years.  Rogers Paving uses the best seal-coat application on the market and puts down as many coats as necessary to get your driveway back to it’s original condition.  A good driveway sealer adds curb appeal to your property.  We recommend that you seal your driveway every couple of years as needed.  Email me, Ron Rogers, for a free driveway sealcoating estimate today!  You will be glad you did.